Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Sunday Music....

Okay here is another music pick from Susan.
I always sing this to myself.
Today when it was twilight time there was the most beautiful shadow cast on the kitchen wall in our house. I tried to snap a picture and the camera battery went kaput! Que suerte, no?
Anyways...I love this song.
Tonight at twilight time my bebes were in the bathtub and we had just finished fishing at Nana's off the pier. E and V played in the river. Not even a nibble fishing.
We had also eaten turkey salad sandwiches at my parents' house made from the turkey my daddy killed the other day hunting. :) It was yummy!
He is going to take Elena and Victor out there to see them--sans rifle--one evening.
Bueno, I guess that is all folks! Enjoy the video--if it put itself up here. :)

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