Saturday, April 25, 2009


We had the busiest day today!
I have been dreading it all week b/c I did not know how it was going to go down without Andy being here, and he was in Mebane working all day today.
Caroline came over at 7:40. I left to go to computer class (which turned out to be fun btw).
My daddy took Elena to T-ball--so who knows what happened there. Elena will not tell me, and my daddy is the guy who stands around and talks to the to the grandads while the kids play--he is definitely not at the fence hollering. I bet it was fine though.
When I got home at 12:00 both kids were happy and being played with--yay Caroline.
So then we played in the yard and I discovered what happened to the bird. The next was flipped upside down in the bush, and I guess the mama bird was eaten by some other animal???
The eggs were still in there though! Victor busted one of them immediately--which was cool, and the other one Elena held and held like a treasure to show to her Daddy when he got home--until if fell on the driveway and cracked. :(. She cried for a bit, but soon she discovered that the yolk on the driveways was interesting to play with. :).
So after a bit of lunch with Caroline and putting V. down for a nap, Elena and I left to go and see Willy Wonka at the theater downtown. The auditorium kind of the theater, not the cinema kind.
WOW! It is gorgeous! We enjoyed it immensely. :) Elena was just full of wonder watching a play. :)--So was I for that matter. :)--15 bucks it cost.
Then after the the play came home and played with Caroline again.
About 5:00 Andy got home!!
Thanks to Caroline and Grandaddy--we had a wonderful day.
The pictures: The first one is of Elena's "oh, no poor baby!" face.
The second one is of Elena posing in a pink rocking chair at a store front on Mainstreet. What a sweet moment! She popped into that chair and grinned so big, and then she wanted me to sit in the one beside it. :)
The third one is of the nest. Cardinal eggs are beige with brown speckles.

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Bethany said...

A-ha! little bird eggs are so sweet & tiny... my 3 found a low nest - I wonder if they did the same as V & E? I'll have to see if there are any eggs left. :) So you went to the Turnage? I've heard it is great. That's a fun outing! Who is Caroline? Have a great weekend...