Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another song post

I have been meaning to do this post for a while.
It is funny to me.
There are two country songs that make me cry when I hear them on the radio and I am pregnant.
Let me see if I can find them on youtub3....

Here is the other one...
I cannot even remember the title of the song...

dern...cannot remember it. When I find it I will post it here.
It is a country music song about a girl who grows up and she just leaves one day. She is outside hanging out the clothes and she just leaves...
When I put hanging out the wash in youtub3 an ad for suicide cleanup came on!! YIkES!

Anyway...I guess this ended up being half a post...Just be aware that if you ever find yourself crying to kat!e and tommy you might be knocked up. :)

Update: I wrote the letter to the guy at BCb$ but I did not send it. I think I just needed to vent...Also, I thought it would probably just make him mad, no enlighten him any so why spend 44 more cents on the fu--man.

:) Since the biggest loser is off i have no good tv--all the other stuff is intolerable murder shows..which i cannot watch. :)

I found the other one! :)


Anonymous said...

you're so fun! Hope you are doing good!

Bethany said...

Haven't heard the 1st one in sooo long - that was good. And the 2nd - well, thank god I didn't cry, yay - no preggers! - Instead it made me want to walk out on some laundry too. :)