Thursday, May 21, 2009

last day

today was elena's last day of school.
i was soooo emotional--probably way beyond where i should have been, but vamos...the hormones they are a flowin!
tonight---a two hour ugly betty season finale..where did the season go anyway? they all of a sudden just stopped showing it a while back--now a finale..where did they leave off even?
I am going to enjoy finding out.

the pregnancy has hit the point of being in a onesie trance.
all i can think about is sweet baby smell and clean, cute onesies.
someone spilled the beans about my surprise baby shower at work today!
yay..that made me feel good.

other than that i walked around thinking that everything was going to make me start crying..even the bean spilling made me almost cry.

so back to the last day..
Elena has had the absolute best teacher this year.
we love love love ms. wendy, and --well we cannot thank her enough.
she is a special person.

bueno--i am off to watch ugly betty!


A Beautiful Mess said...

I love a sweet baby smell. We were visiting a friend and their daughter and Hannah said "mamma, Maia still has that baby smell.." Apparently sophie smells like a toddler:)

Bethany said...

That's so cool that they planned a shower for you! Wish I could be there. :)