Sunday, May 24, 2009


Okay dear readers, this is serious.
Last week on NPR there was a piece about a child climbing on furniture, and the giant t.v. cracked his head...I, of course, did the run-down of our shelves, furniture, tendency of our children to climb furniture....
I related our situation to the story...of course.
Then, last week, I noticed that Victor has started to climb to get stuff, pull the drawers out and climb them, get a chair and climb up on the counter top etc.

This afternoon Andy was in the kitchen with them.
He went out to use the bathroom-for 30 seconds..
I was sitting down in the living room (I am big as hell and was resting a minute).
I heard one crash--assumed Andy was on it.
I heard a bigger crash...
Then, before I could blink, I heard the scare-you-to-death crash.
An entire cabinet had fallen. All the stuff fell off of it and broke to bits!
My children were under it!

Andy ran in and picked up the corner shelf before I saw it.
I grabbed the children and he cleaned up.

Just let this be a heads up.
Screw your furniture to the walls.
no, you cannot leave children alone for even 30 seconds --unless everything in the room is plastic.

Luckily there were only a few scratches.
The entire kitchen smelled like fishy water (that is where the fish bowls were)
All of my dishes on that cabinet broke.

YIkES--coming tomorrow --cute fotos of my children outside today.


A Beautiful Mess said...

glad that everyone is ok. Scary. We have had to bolt some of our furniture...Sophie is a climber.

Bethany said...

That is so scary. I know the "scare you to death" crash... too well. It's amazing how many close calls kids can have. That news story was sad... and and we bought more furniture straps today. Maybe closing the barn door after the horse is out - but we have one more small horse. And he is already climbing! It's crazy how we can look around (as adults) and think everything looks safe. Then the boogers find some way, somehow.