Monday, May 25, 2009

promised pictures


The one of V is of yesterday in the car on the way home from the beach.
He put that ball cap on himself and he just looked so proud of himself. It was funny.
The other is of my child the lizard tamer. She can catch lizards like crazy --I think adults are just not allowed. As hard as I try I am not quick enough. She can just grab them right up. Then this particular lizard sat on her arm for about 10 minutes. When he decided to leave she just said "okay, good bye little buddy, see you later..."
I never saw lizards when we lived away. The kind we have here are the ones that change color and their little throats come down and are red and they bob their heads. Anoles.
I am still picturing the furniture incident over and over in my mind. It will not go away.
I am off to surf the internet for furniture straps--which I guess is what one uses to prevent this sort of thing???
when I told my mama and daddy the story today my daddy yelled at me, "you did not have that shelf bolted to the wall?"
I said to him, "well daddy, how many pieces of furniture have you ever bolted to a wall before?"
--I bet when I get home tomorrow the furniture will be secured...might not be with straps..but there will be something there.

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Bethany said...

That's a beautiful pic of E! Her bright blue eyes and that bright green lizard. Lizard catching is a skill, for sure. We tried yesterday and could not get one. My cousin used to hang that kind from his ear lobe!