Thursday, May 28, 2009

gross, and not gross

my opinions will run rampant in the blog entry (surprised?) :)

Not gross--a little two year old boy running naked on an almost private beach at the sound, or my two year old little boy running naked in MY OWN backyard.
recently we were asked if we minded covering up the teeny weeny b/c it might disturb the other children in the yard (who were, by the way, not even paying attn to the teeny weeny)
then this past weekend two of my cousins who have boys about 7-8 or so went on and on about this little boy's teeny weeny at the sound beach (where we take our children to play when we are at the beach) was so dumb.
i said to them, "well he is sure not modest about it, so I guess it just does not matter yet, no?" and when they said, "oh god!! ___ (insert their child's name) is going to DIE when he notices THAT!" I said, "well, they have them too, so I doubt they will be too surprised" I mean is a teeny weeny THAT big of a deal to a 7 year old boy??? really?
I will say I insisted that victor cover his up, "a crab might get that teeny weeny" I told him--b/c I don't want some gross person looking at him...
but when the people asked us to cover him up in OUR BACKYARD i said, "well he is in his own yard--when in rome, no?"
I do not think that modesty should be forced upon small children. Their parts are for peeing...When the modesty naturally kicks in...well then, of course the parts will get covered.
I mean what is the teeny weeny gonna do?

Gross--the lewd gesture the father of the two little girls made when he picked up my dora sprinkler and pretended to pee all over my yard...ughh...
and you are worried about a teeny weeny? maybe that actually explains why he was worried?? ughh..

Not gross--breastmilk/pumping breastmilk/discussion of this topic among women --even if a man happens to be in the room.
the other day at work a girl was talking to me about nursing her baby and pumping milk and she looked at one of the wild kid handlers, who is a man--and said, "oh, i know this is gross."
I said, "no it is not, we are talking about a baby eating"
WTH? i mean it is MILK coming out for god's sake--that is why god created titties of all feed babies! That is not gross.

gross--children who do not have manners and who think doing lots of burping is funny.
potty/gas humor just is not funny to me...i cannot stand it when people do not correct their children when they burp, say --at the table--loudly, and then do not even excuse themselves. yuck!

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Bethany said...

:) what is a teenie weenie gonna do, after all? Hear, hear! When everybody is moody here, we strip down Phoenix and watch him cruise around naked. That gets everybody in a good mood. What is cuter than a naked baby bum?
Though its funny when kids w/ no siblings come over - they want to get a look at the parts. Parts is parts, as my granny says... :) Happy Friday!