Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cave people

I have always wondered what cave people did in certain situations. The situation is usually one that goes with something that is going on in my life.
At one time I wondered what cave people did without chapstick. I mean when your lips are chapped--it is just absolutely necessary--I think having chapped lips and no chap stick could drive me insane. Then I decided -probably with help from someone (Andy?) --that they probably had fats and oils that they rubbed on themselves. Problem solved.
Then, when I was pregnant with Elena I wondered what did cave women do when they were pregnant!!!???
I mostly wondered this in the middle of the night when I had to get up and use the bathroom five times. Have you ever walked in a slippery cave? I have and I busted my A**. :) So, imagine being big and pregnant and having to walk to the cave bathroom or the hole or outside to use the bathroom five times a night...Also how did these cave women get snacks? Goldfish crackers?
I have thought and thought about this and I decided that the baby daddy helped them. One of my friends here at work disagrees. But, who would have a the biggest interest in helping the pregnant mama? The person whose offspring resides in her womb. I have a feeling that people were mostly monogamous in cave times (keep in mind I am talking about homo sapiens--they were the same people as we are not--not dummies) I also think that they had similar emotions to ours at least the hormonal ones that one cannot control. I bet that men did help out. My friend at work, Christy, thinks that women helped eachother--but I say not--b/c the other women were nursing babies or sleeping with toddlers.
I am glad Andy is my caveman! :)
When I was pregnant with Elena he got up at five in the morning one time to go to the store and get me some milk and cereal all b/c when I asked him to do it I sounded cute.
I bet the cave women said, "oh please get me some more of that wooly mammoth jerky" in a really sweet voice and their cave men got them some. And, I bet that if they fell down in the cave the man was there to pick them up and to hope that they did not start to bleed to death.

I have thought and thought about this, and I think that cave daddys were probably very supportive during pregnancies.

Okay, now for a good song reference:
There is a country song that is called "then" or something and it is a man singing about loving his wife and he says to himself, "and I thought I loved you then" Like every thing that happens along the way just makes me love you more.

This is a very pregnant post, no?
Yes. I am at work, and my first graders are outside for "first grade day" Whatever that is. :)

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Bethany said...

A good one - I like this cave people musing! Ha - Andy is your caveman! I hope the cave daddies helped out. I think the mid-wives / grannies that had no babies at home must have been indispensible. Now I need to get some chapstick. Immediately. :) Wonder if they used the same stuff for rash cream?