Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good stuff

This afternoon when I went to my mama's house to get my kiddies supper was waiting.
It was not supper time--it was after school snack time, but the food in the picture was a great snack for this hungry gestating girl! :)
Fresh may peas are one of my favorite foods-when my mama cooks them.
I do not know how to cook them.
I buy them at the farmer's market--or somebody gives some to my daddy and then mama cooks them. I think I could eat a whole pot of them. :) You have to eat the juice too--not just scoop the peas out.
The other foods were smoked pork chops and scalloped potatoes. :)YUM!
The only thing missing was some fried corn bread, but had not requested that, so...
The other pictures are of my carseat--revamped for the newest bebe!
There is a girl here, rachel, who is a great seamstress. She makes kids clothes, home decor stuff--and I asked her to make this cover for me.
Monday night she called me sooooo excited! She was so proud of herself ;). I went right over and picked it up. Man i love it! It goes right over the old stuff--like a shower cap.
Now I am going to super fancy and have Eva's initials embroidered on the blue section of the awning in shiny beige thread...oooohhhh....
Elena and Victor want to play in it so bad.
At night when I get my belly out and we all watch the baby move--victor has started pulling up his shirt and saying..."look, my baby moving!"
Then he tells me, "cuba (cover) it up, mama"--He does not like to look at the belly. I really don't blame him, to be honest--

Okay enough ramble ramble...

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Bethany said...

Where do I start?! LOVE the carseat cover, that is just the best. And the mama-cooked meal waiting, well that is the best too. But your new baby ticker? Awesome. :) Have a great thursday...