Monday, May 11, 2009

The cuban-american priest who was born in PR y mas

What is Cuban about a person who was born in Puerto Rico who has been raised in Miami his/her whole life?
His parents?
Just curious.
I get a little tired of how people present themselves as being from a country b/c people several generations ago came from that place.
People say, "I am Irish."
"I am Hungarian."
Or whatever...
Then you inquire a bit--and it turns out their great grandma came from some other place.--who knows where all the rest of the genes came from...
Whose did not?
This is something that people here--in Eastern NC-- tend not to do.
We are mostly either white or black --or a mix of the two, and if you are white....well we just don't go into where out whiteness came from.
I have no clue.
My ancestors were illiterate farmers until about two generations ago--and they probably could not have found on a map where they came from.
Are there hints--based on my last names/family names? Why sure.
Do I care?--well, no. Would I go back to Scotland to live--no--or England or where ever...
Sandra knows I am just a wanna be Mexican (and most of my Mexican friends have graciously adopted me). Sometimes I pretend that I am actually of italian or spanish decent (not spelled right) and one of those ancestors changed his name from pelligrini or peligrino to Pilgreen--to sound more like something they were not???....ooohhh now there's a story i could make up.
But then what about all of the davenports and lewises and glascows and dewars who also made me???
All of them could have actually changed their last names and really been from somewhere else too. Andy's scandanavian ancestors did this (changed their last name y we ended up with hill)..who's to say that they all did not?
This is interesting to me.
People have asked me many times what I am...
"are you polish, you sure are a big woman."--wth? I guess the women in poland are big?? and here i was walking around like a cute chinese person this whole 27 years!
"what are you, you sure have...blah blah.."
hmmm???..a redneck is about the best I can come up with
a mutt?
a masterpiece! HA!
People also like to say they do things b/c of this made-up ethnicity or nationality.
Some of my favorites:
I come from a (fill in the blank) family and it is very important for us to have boys.
(I would fill in the blank with sexist and really dumb to base their pride on a 50/50 chance)
We are a (fill in the blank) family, so we are just really centered around food.
(I would fill it in with probably obese and glutonous)
We come from (fill in the blank) stock and we love to be outside.
(I would say--human?)
None of the above could be used to characterize a group from a country I think.
BUT people LOVE to say these!!!
One thing that all people do is pickle stuff to eat..and that tends to stick. This is why Andy's daddy likes pickled fish (his mama gave it to him when he was little)
This is why Sandra's family eats pickled nopalitos. This is why we have pickled watermelon rinds.
People everywhere pickle stuff to preserve and eat.

So what is Cuban about that priest?
His mama I reckon.
I bet the kids he will have with his girlfriend(s) won't even speak spanish--but I bet they will call themselves Cuban.


Bethany said...

Susan - This exposition on heritage is funny and true, and I snort-laughed through much of it. :) Polish?! That is too much!! Beaufort-Americans, that's us. I am a Whootentownian. Farmers, fisherman, and don't forget the fighters! Rural southern boys signed up for every war, that's how my family knows we've been around that there coast for so long. :)

Joyce said...

Your blog makes me laugh so I sometimes read it on slow days at work. Man, this made me laugh sooo hard. What really cracks me up is before I got to your pickle part I was thinking, "well, I'm Korean so I love me some fermented pickled cabbage!" I laughed so hard I kinda snorted when I got to the pickle part. And, well, the Wondolowski's have got some ass let me tell you...though mine is greatly reduced by that korean blood;p

Susan said...

That is funny Joyce--that hit you in two ways! :)
Glad you get the humor. :)