Friday, May 8, 2009

This magic moment

I am not sure if this video is going to put itself up here.
A ver...

Andy and I just left my mama and daddy's house and my sister and her two children and husband are there.
We left ours over there to have sleepover!!
Grandma had the quilts out on the living room floor and everybody had their own bowl of popcorn when we left. :)
The original plan was for Victor to come back home--he usually goes to bed at 7:15 or so, but he wasn't havin any of that!
As soon as my mama started unfurling quilts...he started to drool --and I am not saying that figuratively--he was drooling.
He got his pillow and his thumb in place and tucked himself in the sheet and told us to go on!

It feels wierd! That is crazy b/c they are two miles away...but it does.
We had fun playing in the yard and chatting a while.

Enjoy the song. Another one that reminds me of when I was little.
They don't ever sound right though...this version does not sound exactly right, but it is close.
When I got in the car leaving my parents' house--this was playing. I love it when the radio picks something good.

Have a great weekend!

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Bethany said...

Happy Mother's Day! I just shuffled around the kitchen in my slippers, listening to your song! :) Hope the sleepover was enjoyable to all. Have a beautiful day Susan!