Monday, May 4, 2009

Fly swatter

That was the name that E. gave the frog she found on Sunday. :)

Something to celebrate:
Victor decided to use the potty today! yay! He is not one to be convinced of anything, he must convince himself.
Cabezon is what one calls it.
Last week he decided he wanted to ditch the diaper and go with underwear. I went for it--despite the fact that I have never gotten him to pee on the potty. He wanted to wear his drawers to bed. Fine with me. He peed in the bed. Of course. (The mattress is covered in boat seat material, so no worries)
Anyway--He was super mad when his cahs pajamas were too wet to wear all day the next he decided to go BACK to diapers.
This could go on and on. What is going on inside his head, I can almost imagine, b/c I am stubborn too.
I tend to just go with it.
He does not get the peeing part yet.

Now I am going to drag out my soapbox--which I have to be careful on these days b/c I am big as hell, and falling would be dangerous. :).
Did anyone else get the medical insurance "heads up" letter from the BCb$ of NC guy about getting all the documentation ready b/c they are going to ask for "proof of dependency" and "proof of spousal relationships"
Did this make anyone else madder than --a wet settin hen?
Ughh...I have a job, and it is not to be a fuCk!ing bookeeper for the insurance company.
How many staff hours are they going to waste looking into all this legal proof of relationships to try to scrimp and save a penny, when they could
LOOK IN THEIR VERY SELF SAME RECORDS!!?? It would be clear to them that on the birthday given lots of charges were made b/c THAT IS THE DATE THAT MY BABIES CAME OUT OF ME!! When people put spouses on their insurance--they give proof that the person is their spouse!!
I am so mad about this! If they need to wrangle up some money --how about don't pay your ceo (or whatever he is) more money than god? how about don't pay him more money than just about any physician in the state makes.
All of you other state employees...are you going to jump through this hoop? Are y'all pissed about this?
He's getting a letter from me--SOB!

Now I am going to calmly put the soapbox away, and go and eat some ice. :)

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Bethany said...

Haha - what a joy it is to potty train kids! Get him some Cars underwear! I used Thomas train ones w/ Cole, and told him he didn't want to wet Thomas. Worked sometimes... :) Ack, insurance. Ack. We have BCB$ too. But are thankfully not required to fill out any new crapola. I like your soapbox, put it near a wall so you don't lose your balance...;)