Saturday, May 2, 2009

It was...

Alonzo! :) (see foto of person--that's Alonzo)
He came back from his South American travel adventure,
Got his car from Portland, and came home for a bit.
It was a good visit.
T-ball was this morning.
We went and picked strawberries and made this strawberry cake with strawberry frosting (see cake foto). The recipe came from a blog that I read off of Bethany's bog.
We also hosted a live turtle friend for the day today. Andy found it yesterday and he is out there hanging out in the plastic box habitat we made for him. This morning we watched him chow down on a grub worm we gave him. (see foto with purple cirlce--that's the turtle's swimming pool.) He is so cute when he swims!
Re: foto of attempt to decorate outside. :) I wonder how long these will live....

Buenas noches. :)

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Bethany said...

Very cool! You made that yummy cake of Tina's - I am jealous! It looks so good!!!