Monday, June 15, 2009

First day "off"

This picture is of E. with my Daddy.
She is so cute around him.
She loves for him to pick her up and hold her. :)
those pelegrino genes are strong ones, no?

Today was my first day "off"
I woke up and went to work for one hour--the one I still owed after furlough time and "above and beyond" time were taken into acct.
Then it was off to the doctor--30 minutes
Then I ran to the library to sign E up for summer reading time, and to renew my inter library loan book--which i am halfway finished with.--for 5.00--that book will be finished before it goes back! :)
Then it was off to get an orangeade and back to work to finish my one more thing that needed to be done.
When I got home Sissy pulled up, we fed the bebes lunch, hatched out a plan to induce my labor (I had to know her working schedule), and we left to go to swimming lessons--Sissy, C., E. and me.
When I pulled into the driveway after swimming lessons Andy had V. waiting to go to the doctor...whew...
I WAS about to go to sleep in the dr.'s office reading books to V....
He was good, and brave (we had to get a knot on his neck checked out) Ihave been told it is his lymph node, but it still worries me.
Then we came home warmed up supper, and read books and they were off to bed.

This evening my internet adventures took me to breast pump land, where I searched for tubing and all sorts of stuff, so that my newest bebe can have her mommy's milk when I am gone to work.
It was a bit hard to track down. ..but I found it.

Now I need nursing gowns, and a couple of accesories for the manual pump I use.

wheew....what a day off!

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Bethany said...

Whew is right. That is a day ON. :) Good grief, your Daddy is even making the same expression as you! Wow. So wait a sec, you and S are already planning out this induction? Are you that ready?! I swear, give us a heads up. If you disappear and then blog a picture of that baby 2 weeks later... Ha!