Friday, June 12, 2009

all partied out...

So, we went to the party.
Andy is playing in a golf tournament with his dad this weekend.
The party had to do with the golf tournament.
I was sober the whole time, of course (this is actually beginning to be fun to me).
Andy and I are discovering that we are both actually shy. Andy always knew this about himself. I just constantly get reminded about myself.
I do not work the room.
Most of the time I really don't care to talk to but about four people.
I enjoy people.
It is fine to talk to people it is just not something that I thrive off of, or that I seek out.
So, when we go to can be...just pointless.
Tonight there was good food. Andy ate it.
I had a nice cup of water.
We talked a bit, and came home.
My favorite part was wearing my oompa loompa dress.
(getting dressed up is almost always my favorite part)

Now we are home and I am off to read my book.
Our kiddies are with Andy's mama and daddy.
We are just going to get a good night's sleep.

Oh, one more thought, Andy and I cracked up when we got home at thinking about one of my friends--we will call her horseradish (the one who can clear your sinuses b/c you never know what she might do)--and the kind of fun she would have at a party like that one...ohhh weee.

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Bethany said...

Great dress, love that blue - and why is it that the further along you get, the younger you look?! Those preg. hormones are magical. :)