Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost famous

This morning when I got to school my principal asked me could I go to the TV station to do something for them.
turns out they wanted a spanish interpretation of an announcement for all the folks who were still not ready for the digital conversion.
I got nervous!
I thought they were going to put me on TV!
But no. I just translated it, and then they recorded me and they put it over the footage of the man saying it in English.
When I got home I got to see it (Andy and I are semi-prepared for the digital switch) and I felt famous! :)
It was exciting.
They cut out a part of it. They made typos on my translation, and they compressed my reading--so it would fit their timeline..but who cares!
They put me on TV!

"I'm a chain, I'm a chain" (what movie is that from? anyone know?)

Now probably fewer people will see that announcement than read my blog--but

Bueno, pues I am off to take a nap. It has been a long day, what with the Television appearance and all...
Then andy and I are off to a party.


Bethany said...

:) Local Celeb! Have fun at the party...

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Steel Magnolias is the movie baby! It is one of my FAVES!!!!!

Susan said...

you got it, Morgan!