Thursday, June 11, 2009

So, Yet again, violence wins

I am not sure how many of y'all get to watch or listen to news. I know that we skip days and days of watching news, and some mornings I hear it on the radio.
Wasn't it so sad to hear of the doctor that got killed this week?
He was a doctor who performed ab0rt!ons. Yes. Was he doing anything illegal? No. Was he doing something unethical? Depends on how you think about ab0rt!on.
One of my favorite bumper stickers ever said:
Against ab0rt!on? Don't have one.
Simple enough.
Working with the public and seeing:
1. how poorly some people treat their children &
2. how little expectation or society has that men take care of the offspring
I just cannot judge a decision that a woman makes regarding her life.
It is not my business.

So, then the other day --a couple of days after this man/father/brother/husband was murdered, they announced that his clinic would be permanently closed.

Violence won folks!

Now, I wonder how many abused and neglected children the gunman is going to go out and support/help/take interest in?
I wonder how much money taxpayers will have to pay to feed this a$$hole baloney sandwiches until he is pushing up daisies?

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Bethany said...

Hello brave one. :) This topic makes women run so often. Oddly, the more children I have had, the more supportive of individual choice I have become. You're so right - it is an agonizing choice if you ever speak with someone who has had to make it. And it is an agonizing sight to see a child abused and unwanted. So violence takes the day - and an advocate for women has lost his life. To read statements Dr. Tiller made really paints a different picture than that the media has portrayed...