Friday, June 19, 2009


Andy had a "procedure" done today.
His insurance was about to change so we had to go ahead and get the "procedure" done.
It starts with a V.
It ends with ectomy.
I got to go in too!
First he took a valium and then we went to the office.
It took 15 minutes. It was really fun to watch. Very straightforward.
Then, I spent the rest of the day taking the best care of him.
He is so cute sitting in the recliner getting waited on. :)
I was asked, "why don't you just get your tubes tied?"
But I say, women have to do everything...take hormones to fcu&& up our ovaries and bodies, have the babies, nurse the babies...why not let the man get a little 15 minute snip-a-roo? Andy agreed. And this evening, after it all, he said..."This is nothing, baby, compared to the pain you have to go through having a baby"
Tomorrow all of his family is going to be over at his mom and dad's house to play in the river.
He will not be going in the river.
I guess that means I will be sporting the non-maternity swimsuit that I wear even though my belly sticks out (it is a tankini) and going in swimming.

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Bethany said...

Celebrate! That's what I call a good day. And I am jealous, having been unsuccessful in my very convincing arguments on this v and ectomy topic. Hey, a mama at my pool is 7 mos and wearing a non-maternity bikini (with skirt) - it's cute to see a giant belly! :)