Sunday, June 21, 2009


Welp, that does it. I am 31! :)
Today was a great birthday!
This morning I got some sleep in time.
Andy bought me a beautiful flag that we hung on the tree that I look at outside all the time. --will post picture later.
My mama and daddy got me a portrait of Luna painted by a local artist based on a foto.--of course that made me cry
It is absolutely gorgeous, and it captured the look she had in her eyes perfectly. :(
I got a happy birthday serenade on my voicemail from Shannon, a card from Morgan, some cash from the in-laws, several other sweet cards from was just a good day.
This afternoon I got down the av3nt carrying case to check out which breast pump parts i would need, and it turns out--i need the whole thing! yikes.
well I thought they cost around 29 dollars--that is how much the one was that I had, anyway.
We went to babies rU$ and they now cost 50.00. So, i will not have a manual pump. No worries. The other one should suffice.
They also do not have nursing bras--or gowns, nor does wal-mart....uhhghhh..
I feel sorry for Eastern NC first-time moms who want to really give nursing their baby a go--there are no supplies.
The lady in Wal-mart the other day apologized for hollering out, "do we have nursing bras?" to the other sales lady...ughhh...
I said, "oh no, that's not embarrassing to me at all, I am a mammal, and I am feeding my baby my milk--that is not gross--"
People trip me out.
I mean I was standing in a section full of cheap thong panties..ugh...

okay--off the soapbox. that is a seriously bad place to be right now. The baby bump is now just --really so big.
I have been having contractions and dilating for two or three days now. Thursday is my next Dr. appt, and I bet he will say that my cervix has dilated right much. My body is working.

Bueno, I had other things to blog about and now I cannot think of what they were.

I am off to internet shop and get me nursing bras. I have some, that are old-faithfuls, but I am after this one that is for sleeping in (i know that sounds crazy) but i bet it will be nice to not have milk leaking out all over my sheets.

Oh!the blog topic was going to be about mama's boys--I was reading about this topic in r#db00k, and I had a cute blog entry all planned out..oh well, I will do it tomorrow, with the pictures.


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Happy Birthday Babe! I am glad that my card made it there in time for your special day....You have GOT to take a picture of Luna's portrait and put in on here, I think about her all the time :)
Also, try WalMart online for nursing bras. I got a few at our W^l M(*t store, but they usually have tons more stuff online. They were much cheaper than other places and they held up pretty decent. Love ya and tell Andy Happy Fathers Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Blog Buddy! I had no idea!!! Hope you had a great birthday!

Bethany said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a special day, with some good treats. I am enjoying our bloggy-buddy time, you always make me smile. Oh, and I am with you 100% on the sleeping-nursing bra - a must. :)