Monday, August 31, 2009

Bedtime Stories

For the past several nights I have been laying down with E and V and we have been telling stories.
E usually tells one about some pink ponies and rainbows and unicorns.
V tells fireman joe stories "Fireman Joe went up the hill {to fetch} and he saw a..."
each night he sees something different or does something different.
I tell them one about what My-My and Mi Mi do when we all leave the house.
One day they made lasagna, another day they rode around on the winnie-the-pooh airplane.
Tonight I told the story of one time when a girl named Susan went on a trip to the mountains and stayed in tee-pees and she met a girl named Morgan.
They went on a hike up a mountain and ate blackberries, and they could see grandfather mountain from the hike, and then they got to a waterfall.
When they got to the waterfall there was a place where you could jump off a rock into the clear water.
Morgan took off across a rock crevace (she jumped it) and when she got to the other side she waited for Susan to jump too.
Susan was scared to jump.
Morgan waited and waited and begged and begged and tried to convince Susan that there was no way she would fall into the crevace, it was an easy jump, surely her legs would get her across...with minimal effort, even.
Finally Susan jumped across, whew..
Then both girls climbed the rest of the way to the jumping off point and they jumped into the clear water and swam in the waterfall.
(Susan loved waterfalls).

My kids loved the story, and it is a true one! :)
Here is a link to the place where we were:

Maybe it is not a link, but I am failing in my linking skills these days! :)
(someone clue me in if you can, please)

Apparently my link is not working, so I am going to send you off {hopefully} on a web search.. ;).
There was a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert called "The Last American Man" about Eustace Conway who is the person who runs Turtle Island.

I want to read that book...I think it will be my next book!

Night Night.

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Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Susan, How great that you are telling them our Turtle Island story, I love it!!!! I got your message and have not forgotten about calling you back, it has been NUTS around here with getting Ceddy back to school, more days at daycare for Gaby, etc. I am sure it is nuts around your house too! I love you and miss you and hope you are all doing well. I really want to read that book about Eustace too, how cool!!!!!!