Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shopping in the L dubs

Yesterday I had 20 free minutes so I decided to cruise into Belk's and see if they might have a couple cute shirts for me...shoulda known better.
So I cruise in, the first section I see--underwear--don't need those, but there actually are some good ones, which left me with a glimmer of hope...
Next Section: Women's clothes. :(
I felt like I had been transported into some kind of ghost-town dime store....ughhh.
So I managed to find a couple shirts to try on--they were ALRIGHT (like something I would buy at Ross on a PMS day if it cost 7 dollars)
So I looked at the price and they were 34 dollars!! Damn y'all! I could see through the shirt!! So, never fear, Belk's had sale going on so the shirt was marked down to the bargain price of 25.99...WTF?
Needless to say, I left both shirts in the terrible store and walked out. ...
This is no exaggeration, there is no where to shop here.
We have a little boutique shop run by a cool person who orders cool stuff...but it costs 75 dollars on a mark -down...

I need a shopping trip!!


Bethany said...

I am feeling your pain. I just gave a coat to goodwill, that I bought at Belk's when I last lived in LW. NO idea why I kept it so long. It lacked style, fit, etc. Wish I could take you on a bargain tour around here! :)

Susan said...

I wish you could too!

Traci said...

I've become frustrated to the point that I now only go to New York & Co. at the mall b/c they send me coupons and I usually find shirts for $5 or less. (how sad is that?) Even though I'm in GA, too, I'm nowhere near the cool burbs where B is located. :(

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday - I LOVED your post about Mother Nature's Birth Control. Amen, Sista!