Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fairy tales

Yesterday at the library I got my book...yippie yippie!! they had it.
Victor picked out an aquarium book "tharks eat the peopleth"
Elena picked out a book with a black cover which ended up being "the snow queen"
Great, I thought, a good ole classic fairy tale.
Y'all HC Andersen was a wierd guy, and after reading the wiki entry about him, i have just confirmed what i have been thinking when reading his stories.
I remember reading Thumbelina when I was little, I did not think too much about it...then.
My mama pulled it out--the same copy we read when I was little--at her house...
FREEAAKKY!! The little teeny girl has to marry an old mole...ughh...
then in the snow queen tonight..this little girl is searching for her her search she encounters a "little robber girl" in the woods who takes her in and "keeps a knife beside the bed" that the little protagonist girl is "forced to sleep in"...
OMG y'all!!
needless to say i started reading ahead of the text and add libbing..whew..that was heavy stuff. and super strange!
I started thinking, "this book needs to come with a warning!"

Fairy tales anyone???....

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Bethany said...

Yikes! All those old tales are freaky. I used to be scared on bridges, and look under them for trolls. When we were little, Jeremy thought the "troll" would get him... when we stopped at toll gates. :) "robber girl"? eek.