Saturday, August 1, 2009

A little bottle = A little break! :)

This is our trusty little av3nt bottle, which they have tinted brown--i guess something to so with the bpa controversy (thanks, now that my other two children have had plenty of the bpa)

V-man wanted to hold eva, and after about 15 seconds he said, "okay, it's daddy's turn now!

This is us making fig newtons! we were able to do it again this year. :)
Andy took charge b/c I have been doing lots of nursing.
Yesterday Andy fed Eva a bottle so that I could go out and meet a friend for lunch.
I pumped the milk and left it for him and E. and V. and I set out to go to lunch with my friend Angela and her two children.
It was so nice to get away from my little sweet pea for two hours! :)
While I was gone I started to wonder about bottles, and how people in the past had bottles...if you think about it, most of what they are made out of has come about in the past 50 years (or maybe not even that long). So, for example, in G. Ma Eva's babyhood her mama might not even have had a bottle.
I found this great website--someone else was curious too!

I cannot get this insert link thing to work, so go here:
It is a cool website--click "enter" (it does not obligate you to anything) and check out all the history...
why is the link inserter not working?

Then I also remembered that people had wet nurses...ugh..probably only the very rich! I cannot imagine wanting that job..except in the case of the time of slavery, b/c I bet in those cases the wet-nurses had it better--they probably got good food. Then, if you read on that other web site the stuff called "pap" that people actually fed to their infants!! yikes! (and they wondered by only 2/10 infants survived!)

This is all very interesting to me right now b/c Eva is basically an appendage! :)
Sweet :)

bEthany--this is where I would insert a link to that poem if I had it--the blood and milk one.

So it seems like people have been preoccupied with getting around breastfeeding for a long time! There are lots of reasons I never even considered.
The one I have heard most in my life--even from my mama--refers to it being somehow gross--which is absolutely absurd to me...WTH?
One of my favorite things to say to children who inquire about my using my breast to feed an infant is, "well, that is how god made us, isn't that wonderful? he put the perfect milk in my breast to feed to my baby!--it's just like a kitten! "
This is a great one b/c really religious people sometimes forget that Jesus himself was even breastfed!! imagine that! i wonder if mary looked for public restrooms to duck into to feed him... i think not!
--oops let me get off the soap box!
To me it just seems like the easiest thing to do...path of least resistance...lazy girl's way to feed a baby...etc.

okay! i am off to sneak in a shower before another session of...
well, you probably can guess! :)

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Bethany said...

I'm still around! Have been reading in a hurry & not commenting... Look at your sweet family! Good for you, taking a break. We always figure that out after having a few, huh. (kids, that is... or a few, too ;) I'm w/ you - breastfeeding is natural, mostly easy and certainly lazy sometimes. Ha! But only sometimes... Love E's fluffy hair!