Sunday, August 2, 2009

arroz a la cubana y croquetas

Two foods that Maria made for us in Spain--a long time ago now, that I still crave--are Arroz a la Cubana y croquetas.
The first one is yummy rice and tomato sauce. Maria had a pressure cooker, so she started out with fresh tomatoes and ended up with sauce that I would (lick off the plate) shhh.. I only did this when no one was looking!
The other one is croquetas.
I had never had a croqueta until I lived in Spain, and have had very few since (some in Miami a couple of times.)
When Braden and I first ate croquetas we were like,"what in the hell is in this fried thing..." I mean Maria might say ham, or chicken or something...but then, we could not really see the ham or the chicken--only white, creamy stuff.
We investigated and found out that it is bechamel.
So here are some pictures of these foods, that I wish I could make just like Maria made them...I don't want some modified version...I want what she made!! :)


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I took some trailer park pix for you when I was at the beach:)

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