Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trailer Park Tuesday # 6

Thanks to Maryellen we have a great Trailer Park Tuesday post this week!
She went on vacation last week...which some of y'all might have already read about, and while she was there she took pictures of a trailer park for me.
Beach trailer parks are usually so cute.
They are vacation homes.
Maryellen even stopped and talked to one of the trailer dwellers who told her that basically, he would do anything to be able to be at the beach!
I don't think having a cool polka dotted trailer at emerald isle would be so bad, neither did Maryellen, who has admitted she has never been in a trailer.
I bet that person would have let you go in his, Maryellen, and i bet it was decorated with tons of nautical and beachy decor from every decade since the 70s (vamos, if it's anything like our beach cottage)

Okay, I am off to kiddie world.
I have found an excellent way to get the floor mopped and keep kids out of it.
I play the evil witch, and they are not allowed to enter my kitchen tower, and the kiddie chairs from the kitchen are the gates to keep them out.
They are having so much fun! I took Victor's "my-my" prisoner and put a spell on it and turned into a wind-up frog (from the windowsill) and oh my --to see his face!!

Okay--enjoy your day!
Thanks Maryellen!

Next Tues. we will be at the beach without computers...so I am going to get the pictures of my favorite beach trailer parks and I will do a double feature the next week. :)

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Bethany said...

Now that's a trailer park! I love those polka dots. I think you need some on your playhouse...My aunt had a trailer at Emerald Isle for a while - the park was right on the beach. We stayed there once, and it was cool. It had a nice flagstone and patio right up on the dune - and you walked down the dune to get to the beach. Uh-oh...don't tell the dune committee!