Friday, August 14, 2009

Our beach trip! :)

This post is written completely backwards of how I wanted it to be. I wanted the stuff at the bottom to be first.
Poor Planning.
Anyways--so if you want to read it in order--start from the bottom. :)
We are back from the beach now. I am washing clothes and dreading going to work the little bit that I have to go on Tuesday, Wed., and Thursday of next week.
I love my job, but I am not looking forward to organizing my crew...I think it is going to be hard! --until we all get used to it.
Enjoy the pictures...

Walking home from the beach--to the cottage. We had so much fun watching them play. Collin and Elena and Victor play well together. :)

Sissy came with Collin--Caroline could not come nor could Danny. But we had a fun time playing with Collin and hanging out on the beach.

Grandma, 1. invited us to use the cottage 2. kept the baby a bunch so I could enjoy the beach and so that Andy and I could go out to eat at my favorite restaurant sweet! :)

Andy's mama and Daddy came to see us at the cottage! They had never been before. They took us out to eat and to ride bumper boats and go karts.

This is Victor's "cheetheburger" face (that is what he says when you take a picture)!

We went to play putt-putt --our children are too young to enjoy this--but they like the train ride to the top of the mountain at the putt-putt place.

These are pictures of my beach. This is the spot where we go to the beach from our cottage--and this is the spot I have gone to since I was a little girl. This time the ocean happened to be PERFECT! It was warm {enough} and calm like a lake--except for some perfect {clear blue} waves that rolled in...ahhh....
Elena was able to swim in it a plenty! She even went boogie boarding with Andy. :)

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Bethany said...

Susan, the pictures are gorgeous, and I can see just how perfect the water was! That is a special treat. I am so glad it turned out well for you! Grandmas are a crucial element of beach-going with babies... remind me of that next time I mention the word "beach." Your parentheses got a hoot out of me. :) beach and a good friend = good times. Yay, you!