Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trailer Park Tuesday #7

This Tuesday's Trailer park is located in Kitty Hawk or maybe KDH NC. My cousins have a trailer there--which I did not photograph for this entry--i am not sure why.
This trailer park is right across the road from the ocean. It is made up of mostly Rvs and tiny trailers that are permanently placed in the park. Once the trailer is washed away or blown away it cannot be replaced but you can own what is there as long as it may last. There is a pool and lots of trailer park style in this park--which I did not capture.
My cousins have added a porch to theirs and they added an outdoor shower and they painted it--it is sooo cute. My cousin's wife has a t-shirt that says "you mess with me, you messin with the whole trailer park" The people in this park party together and have lots of fun.
This might be the last trailer park Tues. except for a little sneaky entry every now and then.
There is one park that I meant to capture--and I did not--i see it every time we are about to cross the bridge at Mann's Harbor to do to the cottage and I want to take pictures, but I did not manage to do it this trip.
So...stay tuned! :)


Bethany said...

Your ability to stick to a theme is... wow. :) A trailer park with a pool? By the beach? Deal!

Susan said...

Can you tell that the road is made out of chipped up shells? That is what all the roads at the beach used to be made out of.
I can remember trying not to stump my toes on the road from the beach to the cottage (I always stumped my toes!)