Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was just checking my email and I went into one of those message board things from the pregnancy emails that we all sign up for (they send you one every week). Well, when I had E. --four years ago now, five really from when I was pregnant--those emails were so fun to get. They had information about the pregnancy week you were in etc. Now, they have turned them into coupons and advertisements and brain-washing stuff about formula and vaccinations...and invitations to join message boards. I never join these b/c you have to set up a profile and have a password, and I can never remember the password, so joining in the first place is pointless.
I am still able to read them, however, and what I read on the "born in July" message boards this morning was soooooo gross!
One girl's subject line was, "four weeks post-partum and going to try to do it tonight" ughhh... ughhh... have fun?? I read her post and she said that she had third degree tears and she thought her stitches had healed, but she was about to jump her husband's bones so she bought some condomns...good lord honey--you need a drink or a cigarette or something! calm down! that is just absolutely disgusting, and you know, she could have kept it a secret.
Another one was from a mother who had let her breastmilk dry up and five weeks later she wanted it back!--well, now...maybe when your nipples were bleeding YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT SOME LANSIN0H CREAM! instead of giving up! But I did sympathize with her b/c I know that b-feeding can be frustrating. she said she would give away a kidney if she could just get her b-milk back --ughh...ugh...
There was a whole lot more crazy stuff on there was rather entertaining.

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Bethany said...

Eww. TMI on that board! Really, no one needs to know that stuff! I joined a great board when I was pg w/ the girls. I still email one of the moms. I went back to browse last yr, and some of the same moms are still there... posting away....