Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Decor

I hope this picture turns out halfway decent!
We have been enjoying this spider for at least the past week.
She is one of those huge ones! She has made the most wonderful web--the kind with the big squiggle in the middle and the patch in the middle.
This morning's catch was a cicada! She has been working on it all day.
I went in the bathroom to watch her and I noticed that something is coming out of her...and egg case or something cool, maybe?
There are spider webs all around our yard! --more than at any other time of the year.
There is one in the side yard that stretches all the way across!

I hope this spider stays for a while. She is fun to watch...I want to see what comes out. :)

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Susan said...

spider update:
yesterday when I went back in there she had cleaned up the web and the whole cicada was gone.
nothing ever materialized from what i saw coming out of her.
i went outside to look around under the window to see if i could see the cicada packet (it was all wrapped up--but i could not find it)
now i think she is missing two of her legs...:(