Saturday, September 12, 2009


Two funs...
The other night --Thursday--we had an impromptu party in the kitchen.
Here are some pics:
This one is Elena singing our favorite song this know the one..."she wears high-heels, I wear sneakers.." We love this song! So we put it on the ipod and we played it over and over and over in the kitchen. Elena is sporting everyone's favorite outfit of hers. There's nothing quite like that new favorite outfit that you get when you are going back to school, and you get to wear it! yay! and it is everyone's favorite (her daddy, her nana, and me!)

This one is of E. still singing and V-man..he requested to drink their ginger ale out of wine glasses. :)..i was having a little cocktail of wine, watermelon juice and ginger ale and ice...yummy! For some reason I cannot bear to throw away watermelon is just too pretty!

This is Bethany's mama at the fun thing we did today!! We went out to the lake to a fiesta to hear some music and eat yummy food--our children ran around in circles and swam in the lake and we had a this picture Ms. Gail is saying to Bethany, "you should be here too!"

Bebes swimming in the lake. :)

and one more....Baby E smiling!

She and I have been having our happy hour every day now --from 1:00-2:00...just us.
We have smile, offs.
then we smile, and then she does all her sweet baby stuff...
And to think, last year this time I was almost sure that Andy and I were finished having babies!

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Bethany said...

That was a "Fun!" post! Love the fave outfit. The best. And you went to the fiesta! Tell me more. :)