Friday, September 11, 2009

in the mail this week...

we got:

a flyer from some evangelical crap spewers--i won't call them christians, b/c i don't think they are--announcing they are COMING!!
woo hoo...can i go and throw some eggs at the building you are coming to please?
the flyer was decorated with all kinds of ghastly beasts--supposedly THE EXACT ONES (these guys know b/c they are bible scholars) that the dude saw then he was seeing things on the island and he wrote revelation--one of the johns.
these guys have got it all together...bring your bible and come for a free (until they pass the bucket around) class all about WHAT THEY KNOW IS HAPPENING.
also on the cover? President Obama...the pope (who, in all honesty seems like a big dick to me), the dude who runs iran --you know the one can say his name (well i won't bother to look up how to spell it)..and some other dude.
Probably the ones who these porky whities think are some clue to the end of it all...
ooohhhh....i am rushing right out to see them.
the only one who knows about the demise of our planet is god folks.
these dudes look like a bunch of freaky child molesters.
how in the hell did i get on their mailing list?

also in the mail...
the freakin dumbest cover of newsweek that i could have possible dreamed up...
"is your baby racist"
i thought, maybe this is just a clever ploy to get people to look inside...nope--the article was full of crap!!!
can a baby discriminate b/c white skin and dark skin--why of course!
do they come out hating people who don't have the same!!
we teach them that, and they learn it pretty quickly. Surprise surfucking prise!!
this cover makes me want to call and get my money back ...i cannot believe i paid for this shit.

i am ill...can you tell?
my hair is still not right.
i can totally tell why britney shaved hers off now..that ken p2v3s dude who does all their hair..gave her a shitty haircut and she got ill--and hell with's gone!!

have a great weekend! :)


Bethany said...

I am sorry to be laughing, but I am SO having that kind of day too. And I realized when you said it, how much I miss the phrase {I am ill} - no one here says it like that. Wow -crazy mail for you! Isn't it ironic, its always the crazies who know when the End is coming and what it Look Like. Prophetic! ;-) Have a {great} weekend... and your hair looks fantastic, btw. xo

Susan said...


i am glad you laughed! i have to rant, or i might spontaneously combust--when i get ill!!
now this post is totally funny to me.
there must have been something in the air the other day.