Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Hour

Happy Hour:
The time of the day when folks get off work and go to a bar and have a {couple} drinks and relax, then they go home and eat supper--
Or, if they are like Andy and I were about six years ago, they just stay there and keep eating and drinking and smoking cigarettes....until....welll....bedtime! :)

Happy hour:
These days...
Some magic hour of the day when I realize that I am experiencing something so magical and special to me that it takes my breath away.
Today it was Eva smiling smiles at me... one after the between drinking her milk and wriggling around in my arms..with milk running our of her mouth when she would smile.
AND hearing her chuckle for the first time.
Well, vamos...I interpreted it as a was a verbalization that seemed to come in response to our interaction that was sort of coo-ish. :)

Ay que sweet!

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Bethany said...

Ay que sweet for real! Getting caught up on your posts... and this girl is so {sweet}. Glad you had some happy moments. And mucho kudos to V on his potty-ability! woo-hoo!