Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The runt

Here is a picture of our last little eggplant that was hiding in the garden. Isn't she just precious? I love the little stuff--so I have fallen in love with this eggplant. I think in order to truly appreciate it I am going to have to eat it.
Oh that brings on a story about {me}, when I was little. We had an apple tree in the yard, and I got an apple off the ground one day that was teeny teeny and I carried in my hand for about a week. I would not let it out of my sight. My mama loves to tell this story. The whole affair ended when the apple turned to mush and had to be washed out of my hands. Wasn't my mama sweet to indulge me in my fascination con lo pequenyo y cute? She has a treasury of other little things that I would take around. A tractor. A small piece of wood with yellow string tied around it (i remember this one).

Here it is fall again!
Happy candy corn eating...
did y'all see the chocolate kind yet? Yep. E. and I polished off a {small} bag of that yesterday in the car ride home from Wal-greens! oink

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