Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Weekend!

We had so much fun with Shannon and Joel and Carter this weekend. When Andy and I left Alamance County we sort of made a pact that we would visit once a season, and take turns going to one house or the other.
They have had two turns to come here. Next it is our turn to travel there...but we love to go need to twist any arms.
When Shannon is your host--you feel like you are at some bed and breakfast or something! yay!
So, this time we went out to Deadwood. G00gle map "bear grass, NC" and see where this place is...wahhayyy out in the country.
It is such a fun place.
There is a train to ride. putt putt. a steak house. a playground. an ice cream shop. ugghhh..a kiddie roller coaster, and a stage (for bands)
FUN (esp. if you are a parent of small kids)
It is also wayyyy laid back. So if you want to bring all your own food and just grill it outside..go for it ...smoke cigs...go for it... walk around drinking your beer...go for it. (thus the fun for parents with small children part)
There is basically nothing better than a kiddie sized train--to a kid.

Me enjoying the heck out of an ice cream cone!

All the kiddies on the caboose of the train

E and C hugging! :)They have been hanging out since they were in the womb! HA!

PS--I have about four cool posts to put up here that I have not had time to do!!! ahhh!!!
We are currently going through some bedtime readjustments--stay tuned. :)

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Bethany said...

Lookin' good mama... sweet shots of E & friend too. That's a good way to stay in touch, to have a plan & stick to it...