Saturday, September 19, 2009


**i wonder why people always feel the need to designate their puns as either intended or unintended...
puns can be fun if you just don't announce them at all and leave the reader or listener to 1. pick up on it and 2. ponder whether it was intended or unintended.
btw--you have to be pretty quick to make a pun and have it not be intended b/c in order to make one you have to have intent, no?
a lot of times people say, "no pun intended" and you know it actually was intended and the speaker is pretty pleased with him/herself for making it, too! :)

**I wonder how much regret people feel if they name their child bella and she ends up being ugly.
most people don't think their own children are ugly, no matter what...but that name is a gamble!
"hi, my name is beautiful!"

**Why do people ever order large drinks at restaurants that have free refills?

These are three things that keep me wondering....

Have a great weekend!
Coming next, a Spanish lesson.

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Bethany said...

1. hell yeah, I'm proud when I make a good pun! :) 2. uh-oh, my child's name is Isabella. :) 3. whew, who drinks soft drinks when they go out?! ;-) Happy Sat...