Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back to work

Yesterday was my first day back to work.
After I had Elena going back to work was ABSOLUTE TORTURE. In fact I cried so hard that Andy declared that I actually did not have to go back to work if I did not want to.
The thought of leaving Elena for a whole day just broke my heart--and she was five months old! She could already sit up.
Going back to work after Victor was a shock. I did not realize that I needed to go back until I got this funky paycheck that was something like 200.00 (when I was expecting enough to make a house payment).
I did not mind it really b/c it was just what I had to do --and quick!
Victor was 8 weeks old, and i only had to go back for two or three weeks before we were out of school for summer break.

Eva is three months old.
She can hold her head high and roll over from her belly to her back.
She babbles and laughs.
I was totally ready to go back to work yesterday.
YAY work!
Being home with three children all day was fun. I love my children, but it was not the kind of work I enjoy.
The cinderella type. Not fun.
I much prefer a nice, organized day with a mapped out schedule that i have made, full of children who are NOT asking me to get stuff for them or do stuff for them all day.
I like being surrounded by the well-organized materials and tools of my trade--not dirty dishes (endlessly), and dirty sheets and teeny bits of toys strewn EVERYWHERE!
I like interacting with adults as I walk down the sidewalk beside flower gardens to go and heat my lunch up --not the constant companions of PBS kids characters--y'all know who they are!
So back to work it was, and i could not be happier!

A four day week will be nice....
Teachers' work days will be nice...
Holidays too..

Now, pumping milk at work is the pits...but this is the third time, so no need to whine, just be thankful that i Have a nice private room {the supply room} that i call the dairy barn. it has an outlet. old faithful (thank you shannon) and i just head in and get it done. I will have to do this all the way until the end of this school year, but who cares? Not me.

So now, Saturday is going to feel like Saturday again. Yippee!!

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Bethany said...

Good for you! Haha, cinderella work... I have a post on that. Ickity. I love to know that moms like you are teaching my kids. :) Teachers that want to be there. Have a great Sat!