Saturday, October 24, 2009

buckshot (thanks maryellen)

I love that title, so I took it from Maryellen.

**Andy had been gone this weekend to the mnts. to work all weekend! yuck! He left at 5:30 Friday morning and went to the hosp. in martin co. and then he left from the hosp. after being there for 12 hrs. to drive to the mountains to work!
I miss him. :(

**Last night we attempted to have a sleepover--sissys little boy was going to stay over...he did not end up being able to stay, but he promised he would another time.
Anyway, he and E. got married several times over the course of the evening. E. made a veil out of a hairband and some tulle, and they danced and kissed!! (I was on the couch just thinking...where do they get this stuff?)

**Tonight my dad came over to eat pizza and we watched the incredibles (V's favorite)

**my aunt mary came today to visit and see little E. for the first time. she informed me that i have a great aunt who is in a retirement home in garner who is 106yrs. old! wow! her name is aunt essie (we say "ain't essie" for some reason when we say great aunts we say "aint" when we say just regular aunts we say "ant"...hmmmm....

**What else....hmmm...Caroline turned 12 today!! so that means that 12 years ago this time i was in spain and sissy had the baby (i really wanted to be home to meet her, but i was away)

**I am having shopping itus. i want to go and shop so bad. look in a real mall etc.
alas, we have no money, nor do we have the day (this gives me something to look forward to) :)

**Our babysitter had her baby this week on Tues.! I went to the hosp. to see her on Wed. and then yesterday I took her chicken soup and salad that my mama cooked for them. She had to have an emergency c-section b/c the baby was "atravesada" how she said breech. Her husband said she was in there sideways.
oh, and i learned a bit more spanglish yesterday "pumpear" --to pump (as in pump out the breatmilk that is backed up into your arm pits) I was motioning and telling Jacinto, y se lo hace asi...(i did not know the word for pump) then he said "oh, ok se la pumpea" --yes. jacinto. nice word there. at this point he cannot say he does not know english. not only does he know english, he is turning it back into spanish!!
:) cute.

--thats all i got for ya...
good night, i am off to read us weekly. :)

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