Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures for your enjoyment :)

Yesterday on our drive home from Sissy's Saturday...We saw THREE RAINBOWS!
We still have not bought a pumpkin to that needs to happen tomorrow.
I am sneaking a post in...andy and kids are watching the movie "the !incr3d!bles" We love this movie--all of us. (i watched it all weekend so i am a bit over it right now. )
Baby E. on her belly. Her latest emerging skill is rolling over from stomach to back. She can really raise up on those elbows. :)

Mommy was off to work and E was off to Grandma's house!

Baby E after her bath. :)

Baby E eating a banana in her little mesh food thingie! Already! Elena was more than happy to feed her baby sister. :)

V man sharing sandia with gma eva. :)--He loves to eat!


Laura Smith said...

Hi Susan...cute pictures!!!! Tyson has one of those mesh things, but I was not sure what to do with it??? Do you freeze the fruit? Any fruit? Help the new mommy!

Bethany said...

This answered my ?? of where Baby E goes each day. :) Sweet pix!!