Saturday, October 31, 2009


If you look wayyyyy back in my blog log, there is the first post I ever did.
It was about two years ago when my neighbors in Graham (in the cute little NEIGHBORHOOD) left to go to church in the mini van INSTEAD OF HANGING OUT WITH THE NEIGHBORS AND TRICK OR TREATING.
I thought this was lame as sh** and stupid.
I mean isn't one of the ten commandments to "love thy neighbor"?
So, trick or treating is a fun and perfectly innocent way (unless your mind is in a place where Jesus would not like for it to be, vamos) to interact, mingle, and "love" you neighbors.
people should stay at home and trick or treat in their neighborhoods!!
Now, if you do not have a neighborhood, obviously you cannot do whatever you want, go to church, have a party, sit on your couch and watch t.v.--i don't care.
BUT if you live in a perfectly fine neighborhood go out into it and TRICK OR TREAT for god's sake.
This is one of the few American (united statsian) traditions, and we are managing to slowly ruin it.
Oh, and if you are opposed to trick or treating...b/c of your religion, well then don't do it...leave your light off, whatever.
But really, I mean if you are going to get dressed up and go to church where everything is decorated for halloween...couldn't you have just as well stayed in your neighborhood and hung out with the neighbors? walked around the neighborhood a bit...I bet Jesus would smile. :)
Oh, and my newest halloween pet peave...
Are you kidding me?
No wonder your kid is f..well, that is mean.
But really driving around the neighborhood in your tan suburban to trick or treat???
people ought to feel ashamed to do something like that...

Let me go and eat some of my kids' candies and watch some t.v.
oh, no--I am going to read my new book, "The red tent"
I have been told by at least three different people to read this book, so today my mama got it for me from the biblioteca.

Happy Halloweeeeeennnnn....

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Bethany said...

:) I thought of you as people cruised around behind their kids. Oddly, it WAS a tan suburban!