Friday, October 30, 2009

I could not resist...

Buying a L!ttle People Nativity set.
Yep. 60 bucks.
It was not available online, so I had to call and order it from the catalog.
I had to have it (for the kids). Hmm. Hmmm. ;).
As you can see they were thrilled to play with it FOR TWO HOURS today when we opened it right up when we discovered that it came today.
--I am really all about instant gratification, and I don't even attempt to hide it.
Nor do I attempt to instill delaying of gratification in my children most of the time...
So, we opened the box of nativity gear--before halloween! :)
When I was doing my back and forth reasoning about buying this toy I decided that since I have three children all of whom still enjoy little people..why not buy this nativity scene?
My nativity scene when i was little was one of my most prized posessions...and still is. So why not have the best one ever that all of my children can enjoy? no?
{I am never buying any more toys} hee hee...UNLESS they are irresistible!


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Mom bought it last year for her house!!! We are getting it out after Halloween, I can't wait! I love little people way more than Gabriel!!!!!

Bethany said...

I haven't seen that one - awesome! We love LP and have 6 sets... and here's to instant gratification!