Sunday, October 11, 2009

La feria

This weekend our cousins came.
Lily and Julia came for a visit and we went to the Pitt Co. F@ir.
It was fun! :)
Andy was out of town at a bachelor party.
So, my mama and Daddy went with us.
Andy is my best person to do fun stuff with--but we had fun anyway.
It was funny to go and do something like that with my mama and daddy again.
I remember all the things they said when I was little.
We were never allowed to play the games (waste of money)--they did not get it that the money or the prize was not the point. --just the excitement of the CHANCE of winning. NOw that I think about it--playing those games is sort of like gambling jr.
Anyway, that is what my niece --one of them--likes to do. play the games.
Elena has to be TOTALLY BEGGED to ride a ride--ha! (reminds me of me)
I remember getting on the Merry-go-round and looking at all the mechanical parts turning, and thinking--this is creepy as sh**. I don't remember ever thinking--"oh cool I am riding a purple glittery horse!"--nope.
She spied the zebra car and decided she wanted to ride that. So, I made sure she got to.
Victor is still at the stage where he thinks he is really driving a car. So cute!
My highlight was splitting the funnel cake six ways. (a sure way not to be fat)
oh--and the lemonade we also shared --seven of us! :).
You know it would be a waste of money to all have a funnel cake--five dollars for some fried dough--YIKES!
The free stuff was good..looking at the farm animals.
A guy who was in my sister's grade in school is a bee keeper now.
He recognized me--as my sister.
We just beat the rain and came home to take naps.
On this fair trip i was reminded that everyone has to be left to have fun their own way.
Lily likes to play games.
Elena only wanted to ride certain ones.
I like to have a taste of funnel cake. and ride the scrambler.
My daddy likes to make commentary on how much everything costs.
Victor likes to ride the teeny rides.
Julia--well, she is definitely the easiest one at this point.
She just hung out smiling the whole time.
My mama likes to take pictures of all the fun and tell the story of the fun.

I had pictues up here and they all turned out teeny-- I will have to re-do them at my mama's house.
You will see the fair pictures soon :).

For some reason going to the fair reminds me of other times going to the fair.
One of my favorites--going to the state fair with MOrgan one year.
Morgan and I sampled all the food--and then we rode the scrambler. I never get stomach sick, but that time--we both did. It was an extra-spinny scrambler or something.
What a fun night!
I think I channel Morgan now whenever I do something fun like that. :)

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Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Loved this fair post! We went to the Cleveland County Fair last weekend, and I had the same memory of us feeling sick after that ride!!! Miss and love you!