Friday, October 9, 2009

on heritage: un cuento

so, i fixed up two people.
i have never been good at fixing people up.
but, i tried again.
the girl: an italian yankee from new york. Italian? yes. b/c her dad moved to ny when he was 13, so she identifies with italian.
the guy: my first kiss. someone who has lived in the l.dubs since he was teeny and his family has been here...well, forever.
the conversation:
XX--so, i am italian. my father moved to ny when he was 13. dah dah dah on and on.
so what is your nationality? (she probably meant something more like heritage i am thinking)--but she said nationality.
XY--Well, i don't know. i don't know what you mean.
XX--I bet your mom and dad know, you should ask them.
XY--Nah...i bet they don't.

Susan--see, XX--here people are just white or black or a mix. we really don't know where we came from.
XX--ha ha...that is so funny to me...chuckle chuckle...

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Bethany said...

LOL - that sounds like the conversation betw. me & Rick's family! I said I'm American & that I'd never met any "ethnic" group before. :) They cracked up that I called them ethnic... they are all 2nd gen. Italian, and grew up in Italian neighborhoods, Catholic sch., etc. They asked if my family owned slaves - of course they think all southerners did - and I assured them we were farmers & fisherman & really not wealthy plantation owners. :) Brava on the matchmaking... keep us posted... Happy Fri!