Tuesday, November 10, 2009

posts to follow

You know,
As I pass through the day I think of posts that I would like to write.
Sometimes, I get around to them...some of the ones i hope to get to soon...
**Who the baby Eva looks like --yes! My mama discovered it, and it is amazing--the resemblance --you know, sometimes, hay que take out old fotos to discover this.
**soap box post--what to do witht these pesky s3x offenders among us (I get an email at work listing these dispcicable characters about once a month).--it aint perty.
**more shopping commentary--and l dubs remarks--yes, bethany, more.
**a sweet post about elena and eating grapes (which might be reserved for my journal to her)..not sure.

These things are coming--but they will take time...
and chutzpah, and time y ganas...

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