Thursday, December 24, 2009

okay...I'm sayin it!

I am totally over all these imaginary beings that have to sneak into houses to bring stuff.
tooth fairy.
easter bunny.
I'm over it.
I'm not good at it.
One year I had to say that the Easter bunny left the shit out in the yard (i did not cuss) and i had to run out and gather it up...
My niece came recently and I really lamented the fact that i had to go into a sleeping child's room, lift up a pillow, take out a box (where in the h#### is the box!! oh lord don't wake up!!) and leave $5 under the pillow! (yes, inflation has hit the tooth fairy business too--no, my dad's wallet--THERE IS NO TOOTH FAIRY!!)
Now, I am coming down with the stomach virus, trying to shoo my child to bed (he is getting over the virus), trying to make up elaborate stories about fat old men who live in the artic to my four year old, hoping the baby stays asleep.
my parents think I am crazy. My Daddy said, basically, shut up and get over it. (which i will) but not before i finish my gripe!!
Who started all this craziness? I am thinking it is someone who started the plastics business..that guy from "It's a wonderful life!"
Has to be him...
Okay--now I am off to take all the new plastic stuff out of all the plastic bags and cardboard boxes and set it out on the sofa..and hope that none of our children gets up and sees me--wouldn't that just be terrible?

NOw just in case you begin to think that i am worse than the not!
I love Christmas.
Stockings with old time stuff in them (which I do not have at my house btw)
going to church
going to family things

I do not like the fake beings bringing stuff into my house---b/c i am a grown up now and I HAVE TO DO IT!!

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