Thursday, December 17, 2009

Posting from School

It is my last day here at work before we have a giant break!
I have already checked out.
What will my children do today?
Well....let's see...we have the
Santa Mr. Potato Head
We have the...
Santa Puzzle...
We have the Clifford Christmas book...
Go for it kids! Have at it...oh and don't forget the play doh and christmas cookie cutters--that is always fun, and i have fresh play doh too. ;).

And, if you have ever been a teacher, or worked at a school you know the joy of having all of these little sweet peas bring you precious presents (I love it!) I love the looks on their faces (very proud of themselves) when they come cruising in your room with something that their tired mama went to the store to buy....soooooo cute! I make a big, big deal out of it..."ohhhhh!!! ____ I just love this kind of (insert whatever here)!!!" and the child just beams with pride. SO SWEET!
Now, if you are the speech therapist getting a present means you are actually extra-special--b/c usually we are not the tops on the list (and I totally understand). But for some children we are so important that they remember us--and we get a little something along with a sweet smile for the holiday at hand (which we probably taught them the word for or how to say it) :).

Merry Christmas. :)


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

So funny to me! I miss getting my presents from special kiddies at school this year...and you are right, as an SLP, you have to be EXTRA special to get a gift from a kiddo!! Miss you and hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and Christmas break. Cedric finished up his last exam last night so he is off for the next few weeks. Next semester he begins clinical, I can't wait to see him in scrubs!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

Hey!!! Good to get caught up w/ you! I was just talking about student gifts w/ the preK teacher yesterday. I have seen so many perfume sets given & that is so funny to me. My kids gave Chili's gift cards. :) They consider dinner out to be A Special Treat. Ahhh... you're on break... ;-)