Monday, January 25, 2010

Charlotte's web, cutie pie cakes..etc.

This past weekend Lily, my sister's oldest child, came to visit. We went to see Charlotte's Web performed in our theater by the ECU storybook theater. It was so good and cute! Then that night we came home and watched the animated movie version...which is going up to a top spot of my favorite movie list (which only has about five movies on it b/c I don't like movies) Anyway, I love Charlotte's Web, the animated version....soooo goood and sooo sweet! I laid at the foot of the bed b/c there was not room for me, and i CRIED! I was glad all of the children could not see me...hee hee..
Enjoy some pictures....

"if i wantcha, i'll come over there and getcha!" I think this is what baby Eva thinks now, when we put her on her neat little palette and go across the room to do something else...She IS GOING TO JOIN IN!! :) Palette? What palette?

We used a frozen pound cake and cut it with cookie cutters and iced the hearts we cut and put all kinds of sprinkles etc. Everyone had fun doing this. :) The idea came out of a kid's cook book we is a fun, easy thing to do --and honestly who doesn't love buttery s@ra lee pound cake?

All four of the cousins in the bed Sunday morning BRIGHT AND EARLY!! Thanks to one of them who might be called "rooster"

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