Thursday, January 28, 2010


**This afternoon I was trying to help a teacher friend of mine look for tickets to go see a concert for her daughter...some type of teeny bopper show.
We looked up T@ylor Sw!ft. She is going to be at the RBC c3nter in Raleigh. Guess how much the cheapest ticket to go and see her was....guess...
The cheapest ticket in that HUGE ARENA place to go and see this person who will look like a teeny speck from the cheapest seat is $94...
Teachers can't afford that...
Does anyone else see a problem here?

There is more to come...but I gotta put my kids to bed first.

Okay, after about 15 minutes of snow white part two, and two mightnin queen books..i am back to blog land.

**The other tidbit, ...I have lost seven pounds. Extra gum and decaf tea are a dieting nursing mother's friends. :) I love hot tea!! good lord! Today I had run out of it when I opened my file cabinet drawer, and I almost had some kind of attack.
I had to track down some. :)

**Tomorrow night i am having a pajama party with two friends. The husbands and children are going camping, and the mamas plus two babies are going to have a mama sleepover. WE are going to eat english muffin pizzas and watch a movie! :)

**Eva and I have to go to our make-up appt. tomorrow afternoon...yuck! Shot appts. freat me out...every time!

I guess those are all my tidbits. Have a great weekend!

PS--facebook is still just not my thing...

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Bethany said...

Love engl. muffin pizzas!! Just had them last wk. Mmmm. That is a {fun} sleepover idea, mama. I'm w/ you on the hot tea. Happy friday!