Saturday, January 16, 2010

What would Martha do?

This Saturday morning blog special features some lovely areas of my home.
In the first picture you can see our music conservatory--complete with piles of freshly washed laundry, books, bills, and bibs, a toy dog, a candle....the list goes on. :)
in the next picture i have photographed my front stoop. As you can plainly see it is decorated for the holidayS. There are a couple of {dead} mums in some lovely blue earthenware pots, and there is a lovely Christmas wreath with some jingle bells.
Now lets not leave out the back door area. Every spot in the home should be presentable, no? Check out the lovely array of shoes, a nursing pump, and a teacher bad all placed {tossed} carefully into the corner. :)
Have a great weekend!
Maybe i can manage to get these dead mums tossed into the woods.
To be honest, it is embarrassing to me to have the front yard looking like this. :)
yes, i do have some shame.

To answer my own question:
I have heard that Martha is a pretty saucy she would probably cuss me out for this...even throw something at me! yikes! i better go and throw those mums in the woods right now!


Bethany said...

What is today? True lives and true messes?? I am NOT participating! HA! :) I am a professional mover. I move sh!t all day from one place to another. I work all day trying to not have areas like this, and I never win. Or, I win for a day. Are you posting this to kick yourself into action, or to brag that you {love} your home just as it is?? ;-)heehee

Susan said...

I feel that way too...moving stuff all the time.
---well, some of the time.
I just thought all of this was funny.
no matter how hard I work...the house looks like this.
If it's not the front's the bathroom. ;).