Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whatever you do....


How many of you have heard that one?
Well, last week these boys wandered into our yard.
i have heard the "don't feed it" thing my whole life. From my mama, from my daddy...
and then they were the ones who always managed to find some "rotten" ham in the fridge and some "almost bad anyway" milk to give to whatever animal someone left in the road or the woods that wandered into our yard.
So, we, of course found some "old anyway pizza" and we fed these gorgeous dogs. To thank us for all the help one of them brought us a giant deer carcass!! yay!! just what we always wanted. Thanks pup.

Now, if you have never lived in a rural place you might not know that shitty asshole people--oops! i cussed! leave their hunting dogs at the end of hunting season b/c they do not want to feed them all winter.
Cool huh? Really responsible too! get a bunch of dogs that you use for hunting while you sit your lazy a** (not gonna let one slip again) in the truck, and then after you have shot your one (seven) deer for the season...just drop the dogs off...

Now people with hearts that bleed feed these dogs...or we sort of cry a bit inside when we see them frozen hard in the ditches..b/c that is what they do --starve to death.

These two guys ended up at the pound.
They are probably dead now.

Our nana is a firm believer in "WHATVER YOU DO , DONT' FEED IT!!"
She is also our landlord. ;).

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Bethany said...

yeah, that's how my mom ended up w/ 2 dogs she doesn't want. Jamey fed them!