Saturday, January 16, 2010

six months old!!

Eva was six months old yesterday!
She has one tooth.
She can do all kinds of tricks in her floor routine.
She is my sweet sweet little butterbean!
To celebrate??? We missed her 9:00 dr. appt. yesterday.
Just read the calendar wrong.
i almost got upset...and then I know? I really did not want to do that anyway this morning..go and sit in the dr. office with all the germs and get myself all worked up about all the shots they administer.
So, maybe we just were not meant to go.
I just called and very calmly rescheduled. of course i apologized b/c that is rude and irresponsible to miss an appt.

Just in case you are wondering about my prolific posting this morning...
I had two cups of coffee! :)
I am going to stop now and get a shower. ;).

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Bethany said...

:) yes, i wondered - and if you post 3, then I can certainly take a {minute} to comment! She is SWEET!! Want to squeeze that little pug nose.